• Your suitcase and carry-on must weigh less than 44 pounds

  • Pack Lightly-As much as will fit into one suitcase

  • Bring a beach towel

  • We encourage you to get together with another student and share the appliances on the trip

  • New travel regulations require that you DO NOT lock your check-in baggage

  • Please place all sharp objects (nail clippers, tweezers, etc.) into your check-in luggage

  • Please note: backpacks should not be filled to capacity, as they will not fit under the seat.  

  • Everyone must carry their own bags and instruments at all times

  • All liquids carried on must fit in a quart-sized bag. The bag should be readily available, as it must be placed on the security belt!  (This includes: lip-gloss, lens solutions, etc.)

  • Oversized suitcases do not fit on the bus!

  • YOU will be charged for any excess weight

  • Refer to Alitalia Baggage Policies for additional information:


  • If you would like us to keep your child’s cash and medication during the trip, we are happy to do so.

Clothing Requirements

  • Summer clothes/daily lessons: light clothes, shorts, t-shirts, Musica Vesuviana t-shirt, and khaki pants.
    Musica Vesuviana follows the public school dress code

  • Dinner Dance: Please, bring a nice outfit for dinner dance

  • Performances & exhibits: Please, bring an “all black” outfit (black pants/skirts and black shirt/blouse, black shoes

  • Touring Cathedrals: Please bring over the knee length skirts, dresses, or pants for visiting Cathedrals; Tank tops, shorts and short skirts are not allowed.

  • Footwear:  Flip Flops are allowed for the beach/pool only. They are not acceptable for touring. Sneakers are recommended.

  • Swimming: All students must bring a  bathing cap if they wish to swim in the pool.If you forget the cap, students will need to purchase them in the local stores, if available. Appropriate swimwear please


This plug adapter is all you need to convert to the Italian plug (fourth one down)

Your carry-on should include:

  • Necessary toiletries


  • Cash

  • Medications

Glasses & Contacts

  • Bring an extra pair or a copy of your prescription


  • Please do not leave instruments unattended in airports, etc.

  • Please make sure your child has extra reeds, strings, etc.

  • Bring a foldable music stand but do not pack it in your carry-on.

Art Supplies

  • Art supplies are not included in the tuition and we estimate $200.00 for supplies needed. Students will receive additional information and requirements in April.

Bug repellent

We STRONGLY suggest bringing a bug repellent as well as bite spray/ointment:

Spending Money

  • Purchase water, snacks in the airport, on the road, etc. (We suggest to plan spending $10 a day)

  • We suggest departing from the U.S.A. with some Euro’s (50 Euro)…just enough to get through the first couple of days.

  • We encourage the use of ATM cards.  Please call your bank to make sure your ATM/Debit card will work in S. Marco di Castellabate, Italy.


  • Sunglasses recommended - The Sun is VERY STRONG.

  • Please provide sunscreen for your child;  we recommend at least an SPF 30 that is waterproof.

  • To access the 10-day forecast, please go to and plug-in: Castellabate, Campania, Italy


Students should bring a closeable laundry bag to hold dirty laundry.  We will not have access to washers. Students usually wash their clothes in their rooms.



  • You will be seated randomly on the plane

  • Quietly & quickly negotiate with each other for seat changes (if you desire to sit elsewhere)

  • Please sleep as much as possible; upon our arrival we will be traveling/touring all day.

  • Please be courteous and polite on the plane.

  • Special meals should be arranged by you in advance with the airline.

  • Please carry passports and money in a special pouch close to your body

    • Do NOT place passports and money in a backpack!  

    • Take out only what you need and do not allow yourself to be distracted.

    • You must have a member of our group with you at all times,

    • We will hold the airline tickets once we board here in the U.S.

    • Please be sure to have a tag on your luggage & INSTRUMENT

Local Transportation

  • While in Italy we will have our own charter coach

  • Please keep it clean.

  • You may use headphones on the bus except when the guide is speaking. Please take them off and listen courteously 



  • Meals are chosen to satisfy all

  • Three meals a day are provided

  • Breakfast will typically include: juice, coffee, tea, rolls, croissants, cereal, and jam.

  • Dinner/Lunch may include: meat, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, salad, fruit, dessert, etc.

  • Ice is not available at the Fondazione Passarelli


  • Remember our time difference (Italy is 6 hours ahead)

  • At Musica Vesuviana, we recognize the convenience and amazing capabilities that smart phones offer, not only for calling home, but for taking and sharing photos, downloading music, sharing photographs and experiences, etc.  While we can appreciate the desire for parents and guardians to be in contact with their camper while abroad, we also understand that many parents expect the summer camp experience to "unplug" their sons and daughters from the electronic world.  In order for campers to fully immerse themselves all camp activities and tours, we ask that cell phone and internet usage be kept minimum and use is restricted to free time only. Students may not use their smart phones for calls, texting, messaging, etc., during daily lessons, meals, performances and exhibits.  Students planning to bring their own cellular phones should set up an international calling plan with their service provider.  Wifi is available on campus in limited places with a weak signal. Additionally, there will be a set time each day when students will have access to staff cellular phones if they need to call home.