This past summer Keith (my son) and I were privileged to be a part of Art&Music Italia.

We were more than surprised to get off of the bus in an oasis of palm trees, flowers, and was beyond belief and description.

For each meal we gathered on the open air dining area and enjoyed not only a spectacular view but ever changing delicious meals.

To say it was wonderful is an understatement. Any one who is considering not hesitate!!
— Keith & Sharon D
The Italy trip was hands down the most relaxing and fun trip I’ve ever been on! We would wake up early in the morning, go to classes, then relax by the pool, and then we would go to the beach and paint on the rocks everyday. I will never forget how fun and welcoming all the students were.
— Nitya S

Packed full of beautiful excursions, and exceptional teachers, every second of the trip is worth it. However, what trumps all is that the camp is an inspiration, and a motivator. It puts an new perspective on music that can be embraced and shared.
— Max C

Without the lurking ties to schoolwork and studies, I felt surprisingly free and passionate for the music I was playing. We all felt comfortable to talk and play with each other regardless of grade, and usually regardless of skill.
— Sam K

While we are no longer still in Italy, strolling the streets of San Marco with a gelato cup in one hand and a euro in the other, waiting to be spent at the trampoline park, our group has stayed connected through social media, texting, and reunions. If you’re considering going, go!!!
— Abby S

I learned a lot about myself, made good friends, and best of all, made music. A perfect environment, full of things to do including the great beaches nearby, and wonderful excursions. I highly recommend this camp.
— Julian F

I would love to go back in time and relive these very two weeks again. My experience was purely positive and nothing but fun and joyous. I learned a lot about music and cultural aspects of Italy, but also I learned a lot about myself.
— Linnea M

D (Tino D’Agostino) was an amazing part of this trip as well as all of the teachers that he brought with him. He did everything that he could to make sure that we had an amazing time and I’m confident that we all did.
— Henri C

Her food palette expanded and I know she benefited from having appropriate guidance but the freedom to meet others, explore her surroundings and simply be a kid in a foreign country. The Directors even did a birthday celebration for her onsite. Those little touches by the instructors and dear Directors meant so much to us. We would recommend the trip to anyone and happy to discuss our experience!
— Shannon G, Parent
Those two weeks blew my mind and then some. It was my first time in another country, so it was amazing to see a whole new world ... learning about the history, seeing the sights, eating the food, and playing music with you all. Thank you for the countless memories and new friendships... for making a place that was comforting and safe.
— J.A., student
Thank you so much for the great camp. He had a wonderful time learning guitar, visiting the ruins near Salerno and hanging out with his friends. His only regret is that the camp was only 2 weeks long. He wished it had been 3!
— K.C., Parent